How to achieve your goals with no regrets. 3 simple steps to start a profound change

Today I was scrolling my Facebook Feed and one of those memos about “You have a memory today” from 8 years ago.


It was a quote shared from the General Electric Facebook page account that sounds like 

“Motivation is what makes you start. Habits are what keep you going”. 

I thought it was true at the time but now I feel like I can twist it and make it more my own:

“A Dream is what make you start. Goals are what keep you going”

The first difference is that a dream at some point has to become a goal otherwise will remain just in our head and will be something that we think during rainy afternoons while starring with our cup of coffee outside the window ...if I only … [ fill the blank with what you wished].

All of this is full of regrets  …. full of I wish,  "I tried …wish I did that… wish I started"... etc. 

When you have enough courage to move from thought to action 

you move from dream to goal. 

How does it sound; "I would love to build my own company and take control of what I do when I do. I'd like to transform this dream into a goal and tomorrow I’m going to book an appointment with my accountant to open my company."

So what are the characteristics of a goal:

  1. First, need to have an action verb in it, let’s say “book an appointment” this is the WHAT then there is the 
  2. WHEN “tomorrow” this is important this is the deadline this is your line in the sand that you need to stick to. Don’t say “I will do it”  say “I will do it tomorrow” “I will do it on Wednesday at lunchtime” the more precise the better and write a reminder every day at that time until the day you decided to it.  
  3. Then there is also another important element and is the WHO, the most important and normally is made of one letter that represents a person “I”. You better take responsibility of your action and start getting the accountability straight. YES, is you that you need to call your accountant no one else is going to do it for you.

A dream is made of micro-goals achieve them and the dream became a plan and at the end of a plan there is your Goal and a plan is:

  • Tangible, you can outline it 
  • Shareable, to a friend and start getting feedback on it. 
  • Flexible, you won’t reach your goal exactly as you planned ( and you will change your plan…. A LOT) but without a plan, you are assured not to reach your goal.

When you start achieving micro-goals dopamine starts flooding your brain and addiction starts becoming a thing. 

You are addicted to getting s**t done, you get addicted like an alcoholic person is addicted to the bottle ... you get hooked…  

Get a to-do list, get it very detailed so each small task accomplished

 is a micro-dose of dopamine. 

You won’t be able to live without it anymore, and you will be the most productive person you would ever encounter and productive people make things happen.

In 3 steps your dream is no more a dream but a goal that you can achieve. 

Next is knowing why are you doing this for: 

Not ”because I hate this job”, not “Because I can’t be on a hamster wheel anymore”

That is not giving you your destination, neither your arrival point. 

“Because I hate this job” gives you just where you don’t want to stay stuck but is not a direction you can start sailing towards until you know which port you want to get to. 

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