Are you in control of your life or not?

What really affects our life is deciding or simply understanding if we are controlling our life or not. 

After understanding the point of our reality, we could understand how and when to intervene to take possession of our life without depending on nothing and no one. 

Everything depends on the decisions that we make; whatever you decide, your mind will try to understand all the solutions that support your decision and will use them time to time and case by case. 

But let’s ask ourselves some preliminary questions. In which way do our false believes accumulate and become stronger and powerful? And then, why a growth oriented mindset is everything, especially to take control of our life? 

These are two factors that determine everyone’s life. 

Victim or master of your own destiny? The choice is only up to us.



Victim or master of your own destiny?

Let’s analyze the two scenarios.

If you consider yourself as a victim, most probably you think that there is nothing that can be done to change your situation, because your destiny is already written for you.

But if you think that you are in charge, you are free to make decisions. You are able to act coherently and realize what you want to make.  

But careful, this doesn’t mean that whatever you’ll want will come true. But undoubtedly you started to move on the path that is leading to the realization of your goals, so you’re on the right way.

So, as you may have understood, what really matters is what you do and your self-esteem. Believing in yourself and acting towards your set goals will exonerate from being a victim of life, and will allow you to be the master of it.


The winning mindset 

Everything starts from ourselves and from our self-esteem, but let’s make an example.

You’re home and you’re having breakfast, you’re peacefully eating your croissant with a coffee and suddenly, by mistake, your daughter makes the coffee drop on your clean shirt just worn to go to work. 

Life brings in front of you a simple scenario. The rest of the day depends on the decision that you’ll take in that moment. 

In this case you can react in two ways: you can get angry or you can act like nothing happened. But let’s see the consequences of these 2 situations. 

In the first case the day will take a bad turn for all the family. Probably , still angry from the quarrel, you will also forget something important for your working-project, or anyway you will be less productive, same thing for your daughter at school. 

In the second hypothesis the only effect that  you can obtain is to improve the relationship with your daughter, and your mood is going to be aligned with your values instead of your behaviors.

Small choices that determine the way of managing your life and all around that is connected to it. 

If that's not enough let’s bring another example. 

If you think that you are the smartest person in a given situation, any thought, proposal, or solution that is going against your opinion may provoke you an inner malaise. Like your pride was hit from someone and now the only thing that passes through your mind is how to save your identity.

But if instead of considering yourself as the smartest person in the room, you think that you’re good at learning and improving yourself thanks to criticisms or thanks to someone that is pointing out your mistakes, you will find for sure a way to learn and improve yourself to become a better person.


Matters of choice

To conclude, these are choices about behavior and approach to life. And at the end, it’s a life choice. Living to improve and grow will allow you to be the master of your destiny and life. 

Staying anchored to your ideas, not seeking confrontation and not wanting to improve, slowly, will transform you into a victim: of your family, of your job, of society and at the end, of your life. 

The choice is yours.

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