Five ways to take control of your life during the lockdown

Five ways to take control of your life during the lockdown

 The thought of spending another month stuck inside while waiting for the current situation to change is a daunting prospect for everyone. If you are lucky enough to be furloughed and retain some semblance of financial security - lucky you. However, just because the near future looks stable doesn't mean you're living your life to the full. In this article, I want to give you some tips on taking full advantage of the coming weeks and using the time to change your life for the better.


  1. Take some time to figure out where you are and where you want to be.

You've heard this before, but it has never been more true. Now that you have some time to step back from your daily commute and the 9-5 grind. Have a think about whether your current situation is right for you. An excellent way to assess this is to ask yourself whether, in 30-40 years, you will be happy to say that this has been your lives work. Even if you are satisfied with what you're doing, ask yourself are you doing it to your full potential and are you doing it healthily. By this I mean, are you taking care of yourself both physically and mentally? It's important to maintain well being not just for yourself but for those around you.


  1. Make a plan

If there's a will, there's away. 

Now that you understand where you're at in life, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the necessary changes.  

Very few people have the luxury of being able to simply drop what they're doing to go and pursue the career of their dreams or to lighten their workload, So start using your time effectively. Start by mapping out how you to get your goals from where you are right now. Obviously, you must keep your goals within reason - if you're 48 years old and you plan on penning a deal at Real Madrid, it might be time to reassess your goals. However, if your plan is to open up an online store selling your own art, start looking at how other people have done the same and start making a plan of how you can do it too. 


  1. Keep fit

You might look at this title and wonder what staying fit has to do with achieving your goals to become a professional of whatever it is you love, but trust me, it works. Squeezing in some exercise every week and easing off the beer will do wonders for your professional life.

In order to achieve your goals, your mind needs to be functioning at 100%, which means hangovers, sugar crashes and low energy slumps need to be a thing of the past. Obviously, the occasional glass of wine and the odd takeaway is acceptable, but the path to achieving your goals is numero uno and requires 100% focus. 

Staying fit allows more oxygen to get into your blood, which helps your brain to function at a higher level, which in turn will allow your mind to map out the route to your future more effectively. 

As well as the obvious health benefits, spending a few hours a week exercising will give you some respite from the rest of your life, reducing anxiety and stress.


  1. Start practising

Just like if you were to learn a language or pick up a musical instrument, practice and research are crucial if you want to get better at something. So whatever it is that you dream of doing - start practising. You might be asking: how can I practise starting my own online business? And here's what I'd do.

I would start by researching some successful online businesses; regardless of what it is they’re selling, to see what methods they used to achieve success. Once I had done that, I would begin to see how I could implement their practices into my own business. You know what I'm getting at here... Follow success.

Even when you are not "working", use your time to meditate and think about how best to make the transition into your new life. You might have been told that obsessing over something is not a good thing, but this is one of the few times that obsessing over something could be of some benefit. As Mark Cuban said, 'Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world.' And if I can add something to this, I would say that even if you are not the best at something, don't ever stop working hard at it.


  1. Make the First Step

This will arguably be the most challenging step you will take. Up until now, your future and your goals have only existed inside your head, and the possibility of things not working out has only existed in your nightmares. 

But there is no better time to start making changes (even if they are small) during this lockdown and begin taking back control of your life. Because that's what this is all about, right? Making changes to your personal and work life is all about you taking back the reigns and steering your life to where you want it to be. 

So to round this off, I'd like to mention that success is what you make of a situation. Yes, this lockdown is awful, and most of us feel entirely helpless, and that's fine. No one's blaming you for that. But what you must do, is make the most of this time and don't see it go to waste. I won't use a cheesy quote like, "there's a silver lining to every cloud..." but I will say that you can see this time as a blessing or a curse, and I highly recommend you see it as the latter.


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