How to use ProMind

ProMind is a powerful nootropic which contains 7 active ingredients. 

What ProMind is for: 

ProMind has been formulated to support your mind when it needs the most:  

  • When you are under stress 
  • When you are under pressure for a deadline 
  • When you need to pass a test or an exam with flying colours 
  • When your mind and your body should be working in perfect sync to perform at your best.
  • When you need to be concentrated for a prolonged amount of time 

How to use it:

take 2 tablets in the morning after breakfast with a glass of water. 

We recommend starting with 1 capsule for  3 days and then increase to 2 on day 4

Preferably don't take tea or coffee at breakfast to avoid concentration of too much active ingredient.  


  • L-THEANINE – Increases Alpha brain wave activity
  • MATCHA GREEN TEA – Improves mental alertness
  • CAFFEINE – Stimulates the Central Nervous System
  • ACETYL-L-CARNITINE – Benefits cognitive functioning
  • NIACIN – AKA Vitamin B3, for efficient energy production
  • VITAMIN B12 – Aids metabolism and healthy CNS functioning
  • L-TYROSINE – Elevates mental capabilities & negates ‘crashing’ effect of caffeine


Side effect:


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