4 Moves to Regain Your Flexibility

Years spent shackled to a desk and shifting heavy metal at lunchtime have conspired to tighten up your muscles and joints, limiting your fitness potential. These four moves will target your back, shoulders and hips to free up mobility lost to Father Time. Get moving.

dead hang exercise

01 Dead Hang: 5 sets of 20 sec

Employ this bar-training staple to release the tension in your shoulders. Jump and grab a pull-up bar and hang from it with an overhand grip. Completely relax your back and shoulders. Keep your legs together and your core tight as you hold this position for 20 seconds. Jump back down, rest for 10 seconds, then repeat four times.

banded y-angel

02 Banded Y-Angel: 2 sets of 10 reps

Strengthen your posture by “switching on” the muscles in your upper back. With
a band tied around a fixed object, hold the other end in front of you at shoulder height with your palms facing each other. Retract your shoulders and pull the bands down with straight arms, so they are by your sides. Hold for a second, then, maintaining tension, straighten your arms up to a “Y” position. Hold for another second before reversing the move.

goblet squat

03 Deep Goblet Squat: 4 sets of 10 second holds

Loosen up your hips, knees and ankle to counteract the damaging effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Standing tall, hold a light kettlebell to your chest. Drop down into a deep squat, maintaining a neutral spine with your chest up, knees pushed out and your elbow inside your knees. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Feel free to shift from side to side, while keeping your hands on the floor.


04 Medicine Ball 90/90 Transfer: 20 sets of 10 reps

Take your hips through their full range of motion to offset any tightness. Sitting on
the floor with feet wide and knees bent, squeeze a med ball to your chest. Initiate the transfer by moving your knees down to one side, pivoting on each heel until both knees hit the floor at a 90º angle. Reverse to the opposite side and repeat for 10 reps.


Source: menshealth.com 

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