The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - [7] SHARPEN THE SAW

The last habit is focusing on constancy and perseverance of the other habits that you’ve learnt. Its goal is to renew and “Sharpen the saw” , in this way you can consolidate your habits and practice on your most valuable asset, yourself.

There are four dimensions of our nature and all of them must be practiced regularly and in a balanced way.



1) Physical Dimension: The goal of working on your body is to make it stronger and physically capable to adapt and overcome our daily challenges. Another aspect is that we’re aging, and to maintain our body as much functional as possible for a long time we have to take care of it. In order to Achieve this we must:

- Eat Well

- Exercise regularly to build strength, flexibility and endurance

- Get enough rest and relaxation

Focusing on our body we’ll also improve the first habit of being proactive and this allows us to think more on well-being values.


2) Spiritual Dimension: The goal of renewing our spiritual dimension is to provide ourselves a leadership that guides us according to our value system

To renew your spiritual dimension you can:

Practice daily meditation

- Be surrounded by nature


3) Mental Dimension: The goal of improving your mental dimension is to keep our mind in a continuous expansion.

To do so you can:

- Read good books

- Keep tracking your thoughts and experiences

Limit the passive watching television except programs that enrich your knowledge and mind.


4) Social/Emotional Dimension: The goal of renewing our social aspect is to build deep and meaningful relationships that last.

For doing this you can:

- Seek to deeply understand the people around you

- Help the other around you to improve their life

- Keep having an Abundance Mentality, don’t hesitate to share your success and resources with others.


Improving our social and emotional dimension helps us build incredibly strong relationships recognizing that we can achieve Win-Win solutions, deeply understand the others and appreciating the other’s perspective and building synergy with them.

We must look to inspire the others to take a higher path by showing them that we believe in them, we can listen to them empathically and by encouraging them to be proactive because accepting failure is not harder than seeking for a change.



Taken in reference from the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" written by Stephen Covey.

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