What is the difference between a fact and a meaning?

Very often the question that we ask ourselves before taking action is: “how can I avoid these problems while I’m reaching my goal?”

If you’re also asking yourself this question, you have to know that you’re spending 50% of your time being worried about everything that can go wrong, and that’s a big waste of time.

The only question that is worth asking ourselves is: “Can I reach this goal?
And if the answer is yes, don’t spend your time thinking about what you can do or what you can not, just do it, start working towards your goal! 

This is exactly the main difference between a Fact and a meaning. Facts are all these actions that bring us closer to our goal day after day.
The meaning is everything we’ve thought that can lead us to our goal, whatever it is right or wrong.



A realistic example

Before starting this long path that will guide you to your goal, you have to remember that what you want to achieve may seem far and hard to reach, in a similar way that landing on the moon was for humanity.

But do you remember when John Fitzgerald Kennedy declared that sooner or later we would arrive on the moon? They were random words, thrown in the wind, and to everyone’s ears seemed impossible.

And at the end the humankind really reached the moon, and what was appearing like an unreachable fantasy became reality.

So today’s advice is: enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination. If you really want to set achievable goals for yourself just think that the only thing that you can do meanwhile is improving yourself and your capacities. 

How to build a growth mindset and how to avoid having a closed one?

It happens frequently that when a person receives a criticism, and this person has a close mindset, he tends to perceive this critique as a direct attack, as a hit in his belief. 

On the other side, a growth mindset, sees the criticism as a way to improve and it helps to move from a negative vision to a positive one. 

There are plenty of people that every day are trying to improve their mindset, bringing it from closed and fixed to a growth and rich mindset. In many cases their closed mind comes from their childhood and from the fact that in that period many wrong models and life approaches were instilled in them. 

But remember that the small choices that you make when you’re young are going to solidify in your mind and they’ll become who you are and who you’ll be. So, despite wrong models or education received, it’s from your choices that you can decide who you want to become.

Action heals everything

All the problems that we face have a solution. What we need to do is to take possession of our life and think in this way: My life is a perfect representation of my choices. Therefore it is necessary to accept our reality and stop victimizing ourselves. 

Consequently if we manage to be positive, thinking that everything happens “for us” will be enough. If we can take the good side of what different situations are offering us, we can benefit from what happens to us, even if it seems negative. 

On the other hand, with a closed mindset you’ll try to avoid new challenges that may strengthen what you already have, and your greatness will come just from your dimension that you created for yourself. But if you go out of your schemes and habits, your greatness that you’re proud of, will be just a weakness. 

A lot of passion and determination over time

If you want to make your business 10 times bigger, you can’t just commit “a little bit more”. Instead, you have to take a step back and think about what you can do or what you can improve. This is because you can't physically work 10 times more. You have to think about which lever you can apply between you and the result in order to improve it without excessive effort.

The difference between success and failure is how you deal with failure. 

Think about the mistake that you made that provoked your arrest. From where you’re now, look back and try to understand the best path without mistakes, that leads to the final result. 

Define yourself from the future rather than from the past. 

Let’s think about a project in which we’re unprepared. Our only certainty in this case is that we’re going to do something that probably might not function. 

Let’s analyze the two approaches in this scenario.

If you think that you know how to reach the goal of the project, during your journey at the first mistake you’re more likely to think that your plan is not working, and you become more inclined to quit the project. 

If you don’t know what to do, you can just try and fail. And then trying again, even if you fail, trying until you can find your path to the results. 

Our brain is designed to learn from the past and to project the future.

And sometimes it spare us from failing, because the pain caused from the failure makes us avoid taking on new challenges in the future. But in the same way this moves us away from achieving our goals. So, don’t see the failure as something negative. 

Build your life from the future, not from the past. If you think about it, this happens already in a natural way when we’re children. How many times have you told yourself: When I grow up I will become an astronaut, a doctor, a pilot. But then, when you hit the first obstacle, you start thinking that you have failed and you create other negative scenarios in your head that will prevent you from chasing your dreams. 

Life and work are like crosswords. You should everytime start from what you know, and then slowly fill the empty spaces. And while you go, you learn a little bit more. 

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