Nootropics: are they legal? Where to buy it?

How many times have you felt a drop of concentration due to stress or tiredness and you needed to take something external to improve your performance for an exam or an important job? 

Probably you took a coffee or other substances that allow you to fight tiredness and keep your mind at the maximum cognitive potential. Well, these types of substances are called “Nootropics”, better clarify this topic.



What are natural nootropics and how are they working? 

The word comes from Greek, nous (mind) and tropein (changing) and it’s referred to all the supplements that allow you to enhance the cognitive function. They operate on the neurotransmitters, at the level of the central nervous system, and they improve the mental performances. 

Are nootropics legal in the United Kingdom?  

In the United Kingdom the use of smart drugs or nootropics is legal, but the synthetic ones may contain active principles that can cause habituation and other unwanted collateral effects also long term.

Are the Nootropics safe to use?

As a general rule, all the substances that alter the cognitive perceptions have to be used with caution. The human kind always tried to improve the brain properties and functions, so there’s always been experimentation in this field with many positive effects but also some that led to unwanted collateral effects. 

Which are the benefits of natural Nootropics?

Using natural nootropics has many advantages for many reasons: 

  • Boost your memory and focus
  • Enhance your mental endurance in stressful conditions 
  • Guarantee a better learning
  • Reduce the symptoms of depressions and psychophysical stress 
  • Improve mood
  • Contribute to motivation 
  • Make your brain’s control mechanisms more effective, reducing reaction times
  • Support the brain’s health protecting it from physical and chemical damage
  • They can cure many pathologies like Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer and ADHD
  • They have a low toxicity level, so they are free of harmful effects.

Why to use natural Nootropics?

Substances like Modafinil or Piracetam have solid credentials and for sure allow you to focus more and feel more smart, but they can cause unpleasant inconveniences like dizziness, nausea, dry mouth or other discomforts. Instead, a natural nootropic is a powerful supplement that increases your energy and cognitive level so you can have a high level of mental focus and clarity in any moment of the day.

Who should use Nootropics?

Generically speaking, the types of peoples that may need nootropics supplements are two: who has to use the brain at a high mental level, for work or exams or for who has a stressful lifestyle that is leaning toward thinking about “stuff to do”, creating so a state of anxiety projecting everything in the future. 

Nootropics support your focus and memory and they generally support the brain to be active and to focus on the current activity, clearing your mind from anxiety due to thinking constantly about the future.

Which are the natural Nootropics? 

  1. Caffeine 
  2. Creatine 
  3. Acetyl-LCarnitine 
  4. Bacopa Monnieri 
  5. Omega 3 
  6. Resveratrol 
  7. Phosphatidylserine 
  8. Ginkgo Biloba
  9. Rhodiola Rosea 
  10. S-AdenosylMethionine

5 Things that allow you to use the nootropics at its maximum

  • Rest and take care of your sleep routine
  • A good sleep of 6-7 hours is very important to completely absorb nootropics. 

    This will allow you to recover your mental and physical energies and it will ensure your cerebral activities to be productive and to keep your mind focused once you’re awake.

  • Eat Healthy 
  • Controlling your own eating habits is fundamental to bring the right nutrients to the body and brain.

    Eating fish is healthy, especially salmon because it contains a high amount of Omega-3 and fat acids. Make sure to always include in your diet fruits and vegetables and try to avoid meals that are already packaged, too fat, fried, pre cooked, refined or with too much sugar.

    In the end, remember to drink a lot of water and when you want something warm you can make a cup of tea, that is every time very advised for increasing focus and memory. 

  • Increase your reading
  • Did you know that reading activates your brain? 

    Beyond reading a good book, you can play chess, card games, puzzle, sudoku, crosswords, and you can do many more things to train your mind and fill it with new stuff. 

  • Keep training also your body
  • Do physical activity every time and focus on the cardiovascular one to oxygenate your brain. Keeping your body trained helps not just the body but also your mind.

    Using ProMind Nootropics

    ProMind Nootropics supplement includes the strongest ingredients and they are clinically tested and used by professional athletes, students and more to ensure you a high level of concentration, memory and mind performance up to 8 hours.

    Indeed it’s perfect for sportsmen that want to maximize their physical performance, for managers that need to have good abilities of problem solving or for anybody that needs to keep a high level of focus.

    100% satisfied or money back: you want to try it? 


    It’s very true that everyone has a unique and different brain chemistry. Nevertheless, the benefits from the natural Nootropics are many and integrating them into your lifestyle will help you face the small and big daily difficulties, also, it will help you to find the mental energy that you need to achieve great results in what’s most important for you. 





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