The mindset to reach your goals: start from the things you believe in. What do you believe in?

The mindset to reach your goals: start from the things you believe in. What do you believe in? 

What do you believe in? What is the definition of “believing”? Theoretically you believe in something or someone without having the proof to demonstrate that what you believe in is real.

The first thing that you have to believe in is yourself, your capacities and ideas.



Because many people around you will try to stop you from your process of seeking greatness that can fulfill you.

They don’t do it consciously, they’re projecting on you their limits and using them as excuses to stop seeking what they really want. They eased down and they don’t want to question neither themselves nor the idea of starting something that may go wrong, especially something that can fail. For these reasons they feel vulnerable and doubt their decision of not pursuing their dreams or passions. So, basically they settle in their choice of giving up. If in contrary you will pursue your dream and succeed then they will feel a failure because they have not even given it a shot at their dream.

The fact that you’re doing it and you’re trying to achieve your dreams opens up in them unhealed wounds, and they ask themselves “Did I make the right choice?“ and they’re slowly coming to the realization that they lost an opportunity.

For them it’s even worse when you don’t hear them and you keep following your dream without stopping in front of nothing and you finally reach it. This will be a double defeat for them because in the first place they didn’t have the courage to start and chase their dreams and second is the fact that you did it and you also achieved it, making them think about how their life could have been if they just were able to stick to their dream. 

So they’ve made a double mistake, the fact that they abandoned their dreams and that they didn’t believe and pursue them.

So try to be surrounded by people that share your dreams and they’re also pursuing their dreams without giving up on them. Avoid people that tell you “find yourself a job and do like everyone else.” This is the only thing that will enslave you for the rest of your life.

Because life is hard anyway both if you want to pursue your dream or just live a “normal” life. So it may be just worth living a life with some excitement.

Perseverance will be the fundamental core of your success, because life will give your 1000 obstacles but the only thing that will keep you going is knowing your why

There will also be 1000 people asking you “Why are you doing this? Why are you hurting yourself? The only thing that you have to be sure about is knowing WHY you’re doing this. Knowing why is fundamental to lift yourself after a failure or an obstacle and keep going.

If you already answered the question about you WHY, you already reached your first goal. 

I firmly believe in what Nietzsche said: the person who knows why can endure almost every circumstance, pain and humiliation. 

There are no failures, just lessons from which you can learn.

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