How to believe in growth and adapt

Many of us find comfort in their habits, their lives, their friends and favorite things; and everything that goes against these things may be a source of frustration, fear and anxiety.
People use to get comfortable with what life has offered them, without thinking of wanting something more, and also without believing in something that can overcome their mental limits and fears. 

This lifestyle is far from believing in personal growth and overcoming our barriers to reach a better life, or at least a more satisfying one. 

Being satisfied may sound as a positive thing, easy to do, but in the long run it may cause dissatisfaction, feeling defeated and in the worst cases depression.

For this is very important to intervene ahead of time. It’s necessary from the beginning to believe in personal growth and adapt to all the changes that it may cause. But what do I mean by “believing in personal growth”? 

Here is it explained. 


What does it mean to believe in personal growth? 

You don’t need a complex explanation to understand what means “to believe in personal growth
How many of us have happened to be in difficult situations that often led us to have a compromise and “be satisfied” with what happens to us day after day? I think almost everyone.
But there are few people that decided to take control of their life and bring it to another level when they were facing these difficult situations and moments. Driven by necessity or by your own will, regardless of which kind of person you are and which goals you want to reach, if you will work to improve yourself, I guarantee that there are much more advantages rather than disadvantages.

Just think about the most important entrepreneurs of our time. It’s obvious that personal growth has had a key role in their life. Coincidences? I don’t think so!

In order to achieve personal growth it’s necessary to keep our mind trained to identify goals that can improve our potential. I advise you to start doing these exercises immediately and your mind will be responsive to take effective decisions.

The theory of believing in growth 

There are many theories that try to explain the process behind personal growth, but today I’d like to talk about a theory that affects all the human beings, Maslow’s theory of Self-Actualization.

This theory is based on the idea that everyone has an innate need that is driving us towards personal growth. This need is called “Self-realization”. It goes from physical needs to self realization that goes beyond material objects; all of us have felt at least once the need to improve ourselves and to reach our goals.
From the need of safety in a physical way and also an economic one, innate needs of love, belonging and identity, until self-realization.
There are all needs that every person has, sometimes subconsciously, to improve ourselves. 

But how do we achieve this self realization? 

Well, I advise you small and effective steps that you can take to start this process, here you can find them summarized. 

  1. Organize your time
  2. Write, or rewrite, the cv of your life and try to make an objective evaluation about your skills. 
  3. Extract the skills that you can take from another field, or person. 
  4. Overcome the barrier of learning new skills. 

If you easily reached the 4th step, I have another last step for you. As a final mental exercise for your mind: take note of everything you already achieved in your personal growth process. This will motivate you to learn new skills and anyway you will train your mind to face new challenges and you’ll be ready to confront yourself with new and bigger goals of self-growth. 

Reacting to every change

We tend to like safety, but change is inevitable. It will come a point when our routine will step aside and will leave space for changing, that becomes constant and inevitable. Knowing how to react to the changing process is essential to avoid being overwhelmed by it.

But how do the people react to change?

Although people’s reactions to change are different, they can be categorized, but keep in mind that there are not right or wrong answers.

People usually tend to react to change in three different manners: 

  • Innovation
  • Tradition
  • Adaption 

In the first one is the person that embraces the change in a natural way. For the tradition instead, in the best case the person has difficulties in front of the changing process, or he cannot accept or comprehend the change in its entirety.
Who has an adaptation way to face the change, will “wait and see” how the change is evolving. He may be initially adverse to the change, but at the end he may be able to adapt to the change when he will face it. 

In conclusion, believing in personal growth has an indispensable role in our life, and it represents, as we’ve seen, the best way to improve ourselves and to reach our goals. 

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