How do we rebuild our past in order to achieve the future that we want?

Starting from our personal past is important to understand how our future will be. It’s said that history teaches, but is it like this for everyone?



The stage of our past

Very often, for almost all human beings, it happens to be just an actor inside a play. But the problem of all is that we act according to what we think about the others (friends, family, acquaintances) or even worse according to what these people think about us.

Unfortunately, this mental circumstance doesn’t allow us to be who we really are, but just actors in a small play written by someone else and where we’re just having a small role.

But luckily literature helps us understand this concept. A famous play that describes this is One, No One and One Hundred Thousand, written by Luigi Pirandello.

How many masks do we wear daily? One hundred thousand.

This play has shown to the whole world that not just the reality that surrounds us, but also our subjective identity can not be interpreted in a unique way. The reality and our identity depend on the people and how we relate to them.

All the decisions that we take and all the meanings that we give to our actions only reinforce the role we are playing. In this way we get so much into our role that we really think that we are just a character and that we’re playing according to a written script.

From the stage to reality

We have to improve the factors that can let us free from our social role, the mask that we’re wearing; we have to improve our mindset and our approach to life.

To do so you have to unlearn everything that you think you’ve learnt about yourself, you have to remove every belief induced by other people and you have to discover new beliefs about yourself so you can recreate your character.

Just in this way you’ll be able to be the playwright, director and main actor on the stage of your life.

The majority of the people build their mentality according to the people around them, based on what life offers them. And maybe they start having a heavy defeat.

But being conscious about our marionette status is just the first most important step to become the master of our life.

Cutting the wires, taking our decisions are the steps that led us towards what we would like to become.

But what does it mean being the masters of our own destiny?

Thinking that we’re the masters of our destiny means:

  • To choose, to make decisions about what we want to do in life, and act accordingly without waiting for destiny, or powerful people, would do something for us. Many people pass their life waiting for the perfect soul-mate, for the perfect job, perfect friends and so on; but we don’t have to wait for someone to give us something in life! For the most part, we have the power to determine what we need and if we commit and we create goals and take action it becomes just a matter of time.
  • Being conscious about all the choices that we could have, both with our actions and with our feelings, to face life.

Self-esteem, determination, knowledge and common sense can be very good travel buddies.

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