Find the energy to do what you really want to

 At the beginning there is always the consciousness of making your own decisions in life and avoid that your life makes the decision for you. We need to be proactive in designing our life, our days.

The first thing to rack up the energy is to make choices based on what you want to do and most importantly what not to do. What is the difference between “see” and “watch” … well one is passive and the other one yes is a choice you can decide what to watch on TV but you can’t decide what to see when you’re driving to work.

Being conscious that we make choices and this choice might makes or break our happiness, even not making a choice is a choice.
Sometimes we don’t even realize that our culture, our family and our parents have made and are still nowadays making choices for us. What we think is our decisions in reality is just a mirror of culture or the will of our parents.


People become doctors because their father decided that this was the best job for them. People then keep that job because society dictate that you are not a good father if you change career and jeopardize your kids' private school tuition fees.


All these decision that we don’t make, they absorb our energy. So, the first thing is to recognize which are the decisions that we make and which are the decisions the other people or the society is making for us. And decide that if the path we are on is our choice or chose to make a different decision that will be our choice for the future.

Make your choices! Being free from invisible barriers gives us the energy to do the things we want to do, even after a day at work, even after the kids have gone to bed.

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